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Caps, corks and thermo capsules

Wide range of colours, finishes, embossing with own logo, embossed tops, and many other options to make your wines even better. Just choose. In our assortment you will find a wide range of caps including natural corks, synthetic corks, screw caps, capsules of various types and a unique Vinolok glass closure. The customer has the possibility to choose the cap exactly according to the requirements and possibilities, from cheaper basic caps to high quality and original caps made of unique materials. Variety of offerings is complemented by almost limitless possibilities of finishing of the caps – printing, embossing in standard and above standard colours.

The complete range of caps by type is represented by our leading suppliers:

Ohlinger – one of the most sophisticated manufacturers of closures (natural and synthetic caps, WeinCap screw caps, Vinolok glass closures) for quiet and sparkling wines.
Diam – supplier of corks made from selected cork microgranulate.
VKN – manufacturer of shrink thermos capsules with a wide range of colours and print design.
Creative Caps – Czech manufacturer of screw caps known as Alcork.
Ramondin – the world’s largest manufacturer of quality tin, polylaminate, and aluminous capsules that emphasize bottle design.

When purchasing bottles at our place, you can rent FREE of charge a machine for the application of caps:

  • corking machine for corking silicone and cork caps
  • pneumatic cork extractor
  • bottle closing machine with screw caps
  • sleeking head

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