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Service and rental of equipment

Our service centre provides warranty and post-warranty service of equipment, barrel cleaning and rental of equipment.

Service of equipment

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for winemakers.

Barrel cleaning

Our service centre carries out complete cleaning of barrels, right in your winery. You can only prepare barrels and our service technician will perform professional and thorough cleaning and prepare barrels for re-filling.

For cleaning, we use MOOG’s cleaning systemto fully clean barrique barrels. The high-pressure rotary nozzle sprinkler ensures a thorough spraying of the barrel with cold water and drains water from the barrel under high pressure. The steam generator ensures that the barrel evaporates up to 95 °C. It is a hot steam disinfection that completely eliminates microorganisms in barrels.

You can download the pricelist of barrel reconditioning HERE.

We also offer a complete sanitation program of the prestigious Thonhauser brand, designed for a reliable hygiene in the cellar. We will be happy to come to your cellar and show you how the sanitation equipment works in practice (foamers, sanitary products, cleaners, etc.).


Rental of equipment

We offer the possibility to rent specific equipment for winemakers. Currently, you can borrow the following:

  • Corking machine for corking of silicone and cork caps
  • Pneumatic cork extractor
  • Bottle closing machine with screw caps
  • Sleeking head
  • Closing head for crown caps

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Zdeněk Kachyňa,
+420 727 947 665