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Thermotransfer and inkjet reprinting of labels

We provide a thermal transfer reprinting according to your wishes on customers’ or pre-printed blank labels, which can be selected from our wide range. For full-colour printing, we are equipped with inkjet technology.

A suitable and good alternative for small and medium-sized winemakers is reprinting onto the so-called blank labels. In principle, the winemaker has pre-printed self-adhesive labels with their own graphics (uniform background) which are rolled into rolls and according to the actual needs it is possible to reprint necessary texts on them. Reel (roll) with the required number of labels is only inserted into the labelling machine (in case of very small series we can stick the labels manually) and the labels are ready to be glued to the bottles. We have in mind in particular the series about 100–1000 pieces but it is possible to reprint any number of labels.

  • small to medium-sized series, the number does not affect the price per piece
  • operability, any change of text according to current requirements
  • reprint on your own blank labels
  • choice from a selection of finished blank labels
  • barcode printing
  • flexibility of the print and delivery speed
  • quality and durable printing

Thermotransfer reprinting

Printing is carried out through a special foil that releases the colour pigment on the paper at the heating point. Most often printing is done in black, usually in basic colours, but also in gold or unconventional white. The print price is mainly determined by the consumption of the material, i.e. the colour foil (film). This technology provides a record with excellent durability and with respect to print stability, storage and subsequent bottle handling, it is comparable to conventional offset printing. This technology allows small and medium-sized winemakers to achieve quality proprietary labels in reasonable economic relationships.

Inkjet reprinting

This technology allows full-colour reprinting or printing of whole labels over thermal transfer. Labels must be made of materials suitable for this type of printing. An advantage is the ability to print on structured papers. The cost of reprinting is slightly higher in this technology.

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