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Agrochemicals and seeds

In the field of viticulture, we monitor all news in the field of spraying, fertilizers or grass mixtures. We have been advising you for a long time how to best care for the vineyard. We help with the choice of optimal plant protection products, their combination and safe use. Every year we update the widely used spraying plan for hobbyists, professionals and eco-wine growers, which should make it easier for wine growers to work with the selection of suitable products.

The basis of the production of quality wines is the inherent primary care of the vineyard with regard to the habitat and the development of the vintage. We are aware of this and that is why we also offer you advice on viticulture, help with identifying some of the diseases or problems with nutrient deficiency. Our worker will come to you to the vineyard, pass through and assess the situation directly in the field. We will help you with the use of suitable pesticides at a given time, taking into account the current weather conditions. The care for the vineyard also includes knowledge of the current state of nutrient supply not only in the soil, but also in the plant. Here we offer soil or leaf analyses to help you know which parameter is inadequate and how to optimize it.

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