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Accredited laboratory

Since January 2012, the applicant for classification of wine according to the Czech Wine Act 321/2004 Coll. in the current version, § 26, Article 4 (b) is obliged to ensure the analysis of wine in an accredited laboratory by accredited methods established for wine analyses by legal regulations. The results of these analyses are appended to the application for classification.

In January 2012, our laboratory has been awarded an accreditation certificate, which enables us to perform analyses for the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority to evaluate and classify wines. In 2016, a wine laboratory in Znojmo was also opened.


Accredited laboratory of the Czech Accreditation Institute

Laboratory of BS vinařské potřeby s.r.o. is since 2012 testing laboratory No. 1619 accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute according to the standard ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. All tests performed are in accordance with OIV methods. We have most modern instruments, including the Gibertini automatic distillation unit, designed to distil wines, spirits, perfumes and beers to determine the alcohol content and when coupled with steam generator also volatile acidity; and the Metrohm automatic titrator displaying the course of the titration curve, detecting of the equivalence point and subsequent calculating of the values; and not least equipment for determination of protein and crystalline stability, etc.

When receiving samples for analysis, for each sample we fill an electronic sampling form directly in the laboratory. Samples are accepted every day from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the laboratory. The processing time of the analysis is dependent on the current workload of the laboratory and is agreed upon receipt of the sample with a laboratory worker, who will inform the client in an agreed form (personally, by e-mail) after the result report is issued. Usually the results are available the same, no later than the next day after receiving the samples. A customized software system for our laboratory helps us with a sample processing.

Offer of analyses

Basic analyses of our laboratory in Velké Bílovice include tests for alcohol, pH, titratable acids, volatile acids, free and total sulphur dioxide, sugar (glucose + fructose + sucrose), extracts and relative density. Modern equipment allows us to perform such analyses as tests for organic acids, determination of nitrogen content with subsequent recommendations for proper nutrition, protein and crystalline stability tests. Special analyses can ultimately save considerable resources.

Recommended analyses

Grape and must analysis – sugar analysis, potential alcohol, titratable acids, pH and YAN (yeast assimilable nitrogen) with subsequent recommendation for proper nutrition;
Analysis during fermentation – determination of actual alcohol, sugars, titratable acids, pH;
Analysis of wine before bottling – determination of free sulphur dioxide content, tests of protein and crystalline stability.

The laboratory offers a basic analysis of soil and leaves. For more information on analyses, please see Vineyard section.

Opening hours of the accredited laboratory in Velké Bílovice:

Monday – Friday: 7.30 a. m. – 4.00 p. m.

Contact – laboratory:
Žaneta Beňová
Head of the laboratory
+420 519 347 531
+420 728 355 625