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Mobilní plnící linka na víno

Our company BS vinařské potřebyoffer the services of mobile bottling line to winemakers in cooperation with the Austrian company SALIZE from Krems. It has a total of three such cars with complete equipment and has been offering this service for over twenty years. Every year, it fills about five million bottles of wine for one hundred fifty to two hundred customers in Lower Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. SALIZE company is part of the Lagerhaus chain based in Vienna.

The mobile bottling line on the semi-trailer will arrive to the winemaker and will provide comprehensive services from bottle washing, through complex filtration, filling up to the final closure with any cap and sticking with the label. An additional service is packing into cartons. The new modern line introduced in Velké Bílovice can perform sterile filtration by means of a membrane candle or bottle sterilization with ozone; the filling is carried out by a sixteen needle system. Closure is possible both with cork and with both types of screw caps (diameter 28 or 30 mm) or glass closures. Part of the line is a bottle dryer to stick the labels tightly. Optionally, it is possible to “refresh” the wine with carbon dioxide.

The line from SALIZE company fills the wine volumes above 400 litres, so it is suitable for small winemakers as well as for companies that require small series of wine. The bottling line allows filling of all types of bottles up to 353 mm of height, of course the filling of smaller 0.2 litre bottles for straw and ice wines is also possible. The line is able to fill 16 to 17 thousand bottles in one day. The vehicles are certified for the European HACCP standard, a modern line is served by two SALIZE employees in cooperation with the winemaker who ordered their service.

We offer a mobile bottling machine services in the area of our company ​​BS vinařské pořeby in Velké Bílovice, in Mikulov, or at your request in your winery.

Offered services:

  • microbial filtration, sterilization of bottles
  • vacuum filling, addition of CO2
  • cap option (cork / BVS 30x60)
  • guarantee of microbial stability
  • minimum wine volume of 400 litres