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Vineyard consultancy

Since 2016, we have been providing our customers with complete viticulture advice, which includes a number of useful services for wine growers.

The specialist for viticulture Ing. Klára Halouzková provides our customers with professional vineyard consultancy, which includes a number of activities:

  • consultancy for customers (use of fungicides, fertilizers, proposal of individual spray plans, appropriate miscibility of preparations, safety of use of plant protection products);
  • personal or telephone consultations, consultation days, visits to vineyards;
  • evaluation of soil and leaf analyses, tailor-made recommendations;
  • activities in the field of nutrition and fertilization of vineyards, dosage, application terms;
  • communication with manufacturers and suppliers, innovation;
  • creation of a spraying plan, situation reports on harmful agents, pre-harvest analyses;
  • orders of seedlings, greening mixtures for vineyards;
  • purchase of wine yeasts and defective wines


How can I use professional consultations?

  • To deliver a photograph of the plant via e-mail or bring part of the plants personally (according to previous agreement with Ing. Halouzková), to which the customer requires consultation of a particular problem.
  • If necessary, it is possible to consult problems directly on the vineyard, to evaluate the situation and to recommend appropriate solutions.

A lot of practical and up-to-date information is provided free of charge on our website (section Expert Advisory – Vineyard /Odborná poradna – Vinice):

  • situational reports on the protection of grapevine;
  • spraying plans for hobby and professional users – the plan includes fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, as well as recommendations of no less important nutrition according to the current condition of the vineyard, taking into account the current deficits in our growing conditions; more information on spraying plan is HERE[PV1] ;
  • practical information on current issues and diseases;
  • product recommendations depending on the current situation in the vineyards during the year.

 [PV1]Neexistující odkaz